Providing Direction For Your Marketing

Pump Up Your Lead Generation Results With Relationship Marketing

The definition of  relationship marketing I use is: “Creating awareness, delivering value, building trust and creating relationships with prospects which result in a qualified lead and eventually a satisfied customer.” Relationship marketing is not a quick fix, an effective program takes time to develop;  I am talking months or years depending on your product or […]

The Game Has Changed

In case you have not noticed the marketing game has changed significantly over the last five years.  Its not enough to secure a print ad in relevant horizontal or vertical publications, directories or the yellow pages (for those small locally focused businesses). Radio and TV are expensive, and if you are able to afford it […]

How To Start Your Blog

Starting a blog is really quite simple whether you are technically inclined or not.  There are a multitude of platforms which span the gamut from free, to freemium to premium ‘just take your pick.  This post won’t get into the technical details but will instead give you a basic framework to help guide you towards […]