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The Social Media Revolution 2011

Most likely you have seen earlier versions of this now famous video series by Erik Qualman. It has been updated for 2011 with some new statistics. How are you leveraging social media and inbound marketing tactics as part of your marketing mix? Want to learn more? Check out my earlier posts: Are You Ready to […]

What Should I Do?

Many people I meet ask the same question, “How do I get started with social media, what’s the first thing I should do?” The answer is simple- listen. What are your customers or prospects talking about? What are they saying about you and your competition?  Is this positive or negative? What are the hot topics […]

8 Steps to a Healthier LinkedIn Company Profile

In an earlier post titled “Why You Must Be Doing This” I discussed what inbound marketing is and its importance to your lead generation, SEO, company positioning and awareness. When you mention inbound marketing most people immediately think of blogs or SEO.  If you are a B2C company you’ll throw Facebook in there as well.  […]

Imagine If You Will

You may have heard that bought Radian6 one of the leading Social Media monitoring tools for $316M last week. According to a blog post on CIO Central a blog ” Most customers utilize Radian6 for brand management and monitoring, sales and lead generation, Social CRM (SCRM), customer service, competitive intelligence, trend analysis, and […]

Are You Ready To Join The Party?

With the maturation of social media as a bona-fide strategy you must now approach it as you would anything else, with careful analysis of how it fits into your overall marketing strategy. In short you must examine your organization and determine its level of social media readiness.