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How to Use Networking (aka word of mouth advertising) to Grow Your Business

No doubt there is a multitude of tactics you can use to spread the word about your business in your efforts to secure new customers.   From hi-tech to low-tech, maybe even no-tech there are many cost effective ways to get this done. In today’s volatile environment these tactics can deliver results without inflating expenses. Books […]

Out and About, Growing a Business

RWE Marketing is less than a year old, still in the growth phase while I continue to work full time during the day as a means to pay those pesky things which come in the mail AKA – bills. One of the key tactics for me to grow my client list is through networking and […]

8 Steps to a Healthier LinkedIn Company Profile

In an earlier post titled “Why You Must Be Doing This” I discussed what inbound marketing is and its importance to your lead generation, SEO, company positioning and awareness. When you mention inbound marketing most people immediately think of blogs or SEO.  If you are a B2C company you’ll throw Facebook in there as well.  […]