Providing Direction For Your Marketing

5 Tips for Trade Show Success

In my previous post Shocking Exhibitor Statistics You Should Know I presented some startling numbers related to how companies approach trade show exhibits. I’d like to use this post to give you some suggestions on how you can ensure your trade show exhibit program does not become another statistic. Allocating almost 32% of ones marketing […]

How To: Strategic Marketing Planning for Your Small Business

Many entrepreneurs and small business executives either don’t have the time or the staff to adequately plan their marketing activities.  For most they would simply jump straight to the end of the story and start talking tactics. Knee Jerk Reactions are Common Where should we advertise? What convention or trade show should we attend? How […]

6 (mostly free) Ways to Squeeze the Most Value from Your LinkedIn Company Profile

Last week I discussed 8 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Company Presence. But what do you do once you’ve completed your company profile and added the relevant products, services images, links, etc?  How do you maximize the added SEO credibility (aka link juice) this site will give you? 1 – Create variations to your services […]

4 Signs You Need a Marketing Coach

Building off my earlier post which described the differences between a Marketing Coach and a Marketing Consultant the next logical question would be “why do I need one or how do I know when I need one?” Remember a coach is there to do more than just propose solutions, a coach will help execute the […]

Coaching vs Consulting

You may have noticed the tag line at the top of each of my pages reads Marketing Coaching Services. I’ll bet the question “What are marketing coaching services” crossed your mind as well.  Let me try to answer this for you. defines these two words as follows: consulting: employed or involved in giving professional […]