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Improve Your Marketing With These Free Tools from Google

Following up on last weeks post regarding free website tools,  here is a great free download courtesy of my friends over at Hubspot,  8 Google Tools to Improve Your Marketing Effiectiveness. Many people think of Google as a just search engine, when in fact they are quickly emerging as the leader in online marketing tools, […]

5 Free Tools to Improve Your Web Presence

Maintaining your website is just as important and maintaining a garden or a motor vehicle.  You should not simply “set it and forget it.”  Careful attention must be paid to it in order for you to realize a return on this investment. There are three areas you should consider.  Content. Traffic. Conversions.  Here are five […]

Google Reader + Google Alerts = Powerful Results

The last two posts discussed how to set up and use Google reader to help you monitor your social media programs, keep tabs on your competitors and stay abreast of the latest developments in your industry and profession.  But did you know there is still more that you can do and that it still costs […]

Google Reader: a Quick Primer Part II

Last week I showed you how to set up Google Reader and subscribe to your favorite feeds and websites.  This week I’ll review how to view those posts, which as you’ll  soon see can add up really quick. Here’s a look at what  I see when  I log into my account: What Does This Tell […]

Google Reader: a Quick Primer Part 1

A recent survey of 237 senior US marketers for the “Marketers and Social Media Monitoring Survey 2011” revealed an interesting fact.  The most popular social media monitoring tool was Google Reader with 46% of respondents using it.  Some of the  popular names you may be familiar with such as Radian6 and Meltwater Buzz represented 7% […]

Write for the Humans

Much has been said about blogging and its positive effects on SEO, for instance. While these statistics are impressive and can certainly help your lead generation, brand awareness and SEO efforts you must keep the proper perspective. Its all to easy to get wrapped up in making sure you have your “number1 absolutely gotta have […]

Killer Content Why You Need It

Its been said that today’s marketing professional is more akin to a publisher than your classic marketer.  While classic tactics like print, radio or television advertising still have their place (though it seems to be shrinking each year) along with other outbound tactics like direct mail its obvious that if you want to demonstrate continued […]