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3 Do’s and 3 Dont’s When Hiring a Marketing Coach

We read about it every day in the paper this seems to be a jobless recovery.  Just today I saw an article which stated in the years prior to the great recession start up companies would launch with an average of 7.5 employees, than number is now just a shade over 5.  All the pundits […]

5 Differences Between an Online Freelancer & Marketing Coach (and Why They Are Important)

Your marketing department is small or perhaps its personnel are stretched thin, yet there are projects and initiatives which need to get done.  Even though the economy is growing (hopefully along with your business) you are reluctant to hire anyone because you are closely watching your cash flow, the scars of the recent recession still […]

Coaching vs Consulting

You may have noticed the tag line at the top of each of my pages reads Marketing Coaching Services. I’ll bet the question “What are marketing coaching services” crossed your mind as well.  Let me try to answer this for you. defines these two words as follows: consulting: employed or involved in giving professional […]