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How to Bust Your Lead Generation Drought

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, nearly 12% of the United States experienced exceptional drought conditions last month, the highest level recorded in 12 years. Texas is experiencing its third worst drought in its history.  Recent hopes for rain as the result of Tropical Storm Don quickly evaporated when the storm system fizzled out. […]

The Social Media Revolution 2011

Most likely you have seen earlier versions of this now famous video series by Erik Qualman. It has been updated for 2011 with some new statistics. How are you leveraging social media and inbound marketing tactics as part of your marketing mix? Want to learn more? Check out my earlier posts: Are You Ready to […]

Write for the Humans

Much has been said about blogging and its positive effects on SEO, for instance. While these statistics are impressive and can certainly help your lead generation, brand awareness and SEO efforts you must keep the proper perspective. Its all to easy to get wrapped up in making sure you have your “number1 absolutely gotta have […]

How To Start Your Blog

Starting a blog is really quite simple whether you are technically inclined or not.  There are a multitude of platforms which span the gamut from free, to freemium to premium ‘just take your pick.  This post won’t get into the technical details but will instead give you a basic framework to help guide you towards […]

5 Reasons You Need to Blog

Blogging is increasingly considered one of the single best things you can do to help your business whether large or small.  Aside from the SEO benefits you accrue you also have the opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader on a particular subject or within a specific industry.  These points alone should be enough […]

Killer Content Why You Need It

Its been said that today’s marketing professional is more akin to a publisher than your classic marketer.  While classic tactics like print, radio or television advertising still have their place (though it seems to be shrinking each year) along with other outbound tactics like direct mail its obvious that if you want to demonstrate continued […]

Why You Must Be Doing This

Marketing has changed over the last decade and changed rapidly.  While most people have adapted to the change some are still lagging the pack thinking the vintage way of generating leads and making sales will still work.  (Think outbound cold call  telemarketing) Inbound Marketing as defined by Wikipedia: is a marketing strategy that focuses on […]