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Shocking Exhibitor Statistics You Should Know

Following up on my last post regarding smart convention marketing here are a few interesting trade show and convention marketing statistics for you to chew on. The average company allocates 31.6% of their total marketing budget for exhibits (a) 76% of exhibitors do not set goals or objectives for their exhibit activities (b) 80% do […]

Google Reader: a Quick Primer Part II

Last week I showed you how to set up Google Reader and subscribe to your favorite feeds and websites.  This week I’ll review how to view those posts, which as you’ll  soon see can add up really quick. Here’s a look at what  I see when  I log into my account: What Does This Tell […]

Google Reader: a Quick Primer Part 1

A recent survey of 237 senior US marketers for the “Marketers and Social Media Monitoring Survey 2011” revealed an interesting fact.  The most popular social media monitoring tool was Google Reader with 46% of respondents using it.  Some of the  popular names you may be familiar with such as Radian6 and Meltwater Buzz represented 7% […]

All You Need To Know: QR Codes – Part II

I have a QR code – where can I use it? You can use a QR code in just about any place you can imagine such as: On your business card On company brochures Direct mail pieces such as postcards or letters Signage at trade shows or other industry events Restaurant menus Sales receipts Packaging […]

All You Need to Know: QR Codes – Part 1

What’s a QR Code anyhow? A QR (quick response) code is a 2 dimensional barcode readable by a dedicated QR code reader or more commonly a cell phone camera.  In order to read the code you must also have the appropriate software loaded on your device. According to Wikipedia the QR code was developed in […]