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5 Tips for Trade Show Success

By Rob • November 30, 2011 • Filed in: Coaching, Tactical Marketing

In my previous post Shocking Exhibitor Statistics You Should Know I presented some startling numbers related to how companies approach trade show exhibits.

I’d like to use this post to give you some suggestions on how you can ensure your trade show exhibit program does not become another statistic.

  1. Allocating almost 32% of ones marketing budget for trade shows indicates a substantial commitment to this marketing channel.  Suggestion: make sure you are going to the right shows, attending a show because “all our competitors are there” is not a valid reason.  Instead make sure your target audience is there.
  2. With three quarters of exhibitors having no idea of their objectives for attending a show it’s no wonder many attend the same show year after year with the same message.  Suggestion: draft a trade show brief which outlines your reason for attending, intended messaging, metrics, etc.
  3. Many of your competitors do no pre-event marketing.  Suggestion:  take advantage of any free marketing activities or packages some shows offer.  If they do not offer anything create some targeted messages of your own and promote it to your house list via emails, newsletters or blog posts.  How about a press release?
  4. Most companies do no post-event review of their exhibit program so like #2 above they continue to do the same thing year over year.  Suggestion:  Measure the results achieved at each event vs the goals you set.  How did you do?  Can you do better?  Should you continue to exhibit at this show?
  5. Almost 9 in 10 leads captured at the show are never followed up on.  Suggestion:  prioritize and follow up on ALL leads immediately after returning from the show.  Obviously your competition does not care about them so seize the moment and some revenue while you are at it.

Want to improve your trade show program?  Give me a call and lets see what we can do.



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