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Common Sense Convention Marketing

I spent the last few days at a convention which included a small tabletop display area.  There were about 10-12 vendors using a variety of methods to display their products or services. One had a 10×10 back drop display of their logo and company name.  A couple others had their product on display  – freezers […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads for Your Biz

Everyone has heard of LinkedIn and for most I’d bet the first thing which comes to mind is job search. Yes its true many people use this social media channel for job search but did you know it can be a powerful and easy way to generate leads for your business? With 100 million members […]

Improve Your Marketing With These Free Tools from Google

Following up on last weeks post regarding free website tools,  here is a great free download courtesy of my friends over at Hubspot,  8 Google Tools to Improve Your Marketing Effiectiveness. Many people think of Google as a just search engine, when in fact they are quickly emerging as the leader in online marketing tools, […]