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5 Free Tools to Improve Your Web Presence

By Rob • September 28, 2011 • Filed in: Coaching, Content Development, Inbound Marketing, Strategic Marketing


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Maintaining your website is just as important and maintaining a garden or a motor vehicle.  You should not simply “set it and forget it.”  Careful attention must be paid to it in order for you to realize a return on this investment.

There are three areas you should consider.  Content. Traffic. Conversions.  Here are five free tools you can use to help you improve each of these areas.

Google Analytics (Traffic/Content)

A powerful platform which gives you a great overview of a variety of key performance metrics for your site.  Most of the data is high level and relatively basic but with careful use of filters, campaigns, goals and tagging you can get some astonishing feedback.  I’ve used purchased software in the past to do these same things and I must say Google Analytics is just as good.

SEO Toolbar (Traffic)

Just as it sounds this is a toolbar which you can add to your browser tool bar area.  This provides one-click access to all sorts of SEO info for whatever site is active in your browser, yours or your competition.  One of the cool tools available are SEO X-Ray which gives you a snapshot of keyword density, title, meta data and external link count for the active page.  Viewing competitor data and comparing it to yours can point out areas for improvement or areas to exploit.

Ad Words (Traffic)

Another Google tool which you can use this tool to identify high vale key words you want to rank for.  Entering a series of words and phrases returns a list showing the popularity of your chosen words based upon the number of monthly local and global searches. You’ll also get a list of related terms to consider.  One other cool feature is the competition column which indicates how difficult or how easy it can be to achieve a high ranking for a given word or phrase.

Website Optimizer (Content/Traffic/Conversions)

Offered by Google, Website Optimizer allows you to test and optimize your website content and design.  Different versions of the same page are shown to your site visitors while conversion rates are measured.  Easy to understand reports show you which combinations worked best allowing you to make the changes you need to improve your sites ROI.

Website Grader (Traffic/Content)

Available from the inbound marketing genius’ at Hubspot this tools gives you a quick overview of your websites health.  It’s a quick and easy way to monitor your sites performance on a regular basis.  You can measure your social presence, SEO juice, the presence of forms and even if you are using an analytics tool like Google Analytics.  You can also measure your competitors’ site as well.

With all free tools you must keep perspective when analyzing the data.  You should avoid putting too much value in any one tool but instead look at them holistically and see how they can work together to provide you with the big picture and a not so big picture cost.



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