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5 Free Tools to Improve Your Web Presence

Maintaining your website is just as important and maintaining a garden or a motor vehicle.  You should not simply “set it and forget it.”  Careful attention must be paid to it in order for you to realize a return on this investment. There are three areas you should consider.  Content. Traffic. Conversions.  Here are five […]

3 Do’s and 3 Dont’s When Hiring a Marketing Coach

We read about it every day in the paper this seems to be a jobless recovery.  Just today I saw an article which stated in the years prior to the great recession start up companies would launch with an average of 7.5 employees, than number is now just a shade over 5.  All the pundits […]

Managing Relationships – Sales or Marketing

Who manages prospect relationships for your company? Your Marketing department?  Your Sales department?  Both departments? Definition I think many companies of all sizes wrestle with this question and the first thing I think you need to answer is “how do you define a relationship?”  According to the dictionary a relationship is a state of affairs […]

Google Reader + Google Alerts = Powerful Results

The last two posts discussed how to set up and use Google reader to help you monitor your social media programs, keep tabs on your competitors and stay abreast of the latest developments in your industry and profession.  But did you know there is still more that you can do and that it still costs […]