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All You Need to Know: QR Codes – Part 1

What’s a QR Code anyhow? A QR (quick response) code is a 2 dimensional barcode readable by a dedicated QR code reader or more commonly a cell phone camera.  In order to read the code you must also have the appropriate software loaded on your device. According to Wikipedia the QR code was developed in […]

Write for the Humans

Much has been said about blogging and its positive effects on SEO, for instance. While these statistics are impressive and can certainly help your lead generation, brand awareness and SEO efforts you must keep the proper perspective. Its all to easy to get wrapped up in making sure you have your “number1 absolutely gotta have […]

What Should I Do?

Many people I meet ask the same question, “How do I get started with social media, what’s the first thing I should do?” The answer is simple- listen. What are your customers or prospects talking about? What are they saying about you and your competition?  Is this positive or negative? What are the hot topics […]

The Secret Recipe for Creating Content

Much has been said and written specific to content development and marketing such as: Content is king All marketers should consider themselves publishers Developing and delivering insightful content is a sure-fire way to attract and retain customers Each one of these is 100% true.  The big question many small to medium sized businesses (like yours) […]

Out and About, Growing a Business

RWE Marketing is less than a year old, still in the growth phase while I continue to work full time during the day as a means to pay those pesky things which come in the mail AKA – bills. One of the key tactics for me to grow my client list is through networking and […]