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Killer Content Why You Need It

Its been said that today’s marketing professional is more akin to a publisher than your classic marketer.  While classic tactics like print, radio or television advertising still have their place (though it seems to be shrinking each year) along with other outbound tactics like direct mail its obvious that if you want to demonstrate continued […]

How to Socialize Your Email Marketing

A recent survey by StrongMail indicated nearly two-thirds of companies will increase spending on email marketing, and 57% will increase social media spending. Add to this the increasing overlap of these two channels and it becomes apparent you need a strategy which blends the strength of each into a solid lead generation program. Offer an […]

Why You Must Be Doing This

Marketing has changed over the last decade and changed rapidly.  While most people have adapted to the change some are still lagging the pack thinking the vintage way of generating leads and making sales will still work.  (Think outbound cold call  telemarketing) Inbound Marketing as defined by Wikipedia: is a marketing strategy that focuses on […]

4 Signs You Need a Marketing Coach

Building off my earlier post which described the differences between a Marketing Coach and a Marketing Consultant the next logical question would be “why do I need one or how do I know when I need one?” Remember a coach is there to do more than just propose solutions, a coach will help execute the […]

Are You Ready To Join The Party?

With the maturation of social media as a bona-fide strategy you must now approach it as you would anything else, with careful analysis of how it fits into your overall marketing strategy. In short you must examine your organization and determine its level of social media readiness.